Who We Are

Memento Labs, the new top-notch player in the Intelligence ground, merges the best competences and expertise of world class hackers and security researchers.
Memento Labs’ mission is the development of advanced tools and solutions to outperform in the Hybrid Warfare era.
We raise the bar of the state-of-the-art to a new level, offering products able to fulfill LEA’s and Security Agencies’ highest expectations to always be ready for the next challenges.

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The Group

Memento Labs is part of InTheCyber Group (ITC), active since 2008 in Cyber Defense & Intelligence.
InTheCyber supports companies and institutions in verifying, improving and developing the effectiveness of their existing defense systems. Its exceptional teams, based in Lugano and Milano, are specialized in both Offensive and Defensive Security.
Strategic studies and research, laboratories, and dedicated teams for specific areas of intervention, are the company’s trademark characteristics.


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